The Carpeesh driver safety app samples your driving style over a period of time. DrivePoints is one of the rating factors used to determine your premium at renewal, which increases or decreases your cost of insurance along with other factors. Please see the Premium and Excess Guide section How We Calculate Your Premium for further information on rating factors used to calculate your premium.

A higher DrivePoints rating will provide you with a lower premium at renewal and a lower DrivePoints rating will provide you with a higher premium at renewal.

We will also calculate a new premium based on your DrivePoints rating when you contact us to change your policy details such as a change of car or a change of address during the policy period.

You can obtain a higher DrivePoints rating by regularly driving within the road speed limits, as well as displaying smooth acceleration and braking. The time of day you drive can also affect your DrivePoints rating, frequently driving between midnight and 5am can lower DrivePoints.

If you have downloaded the Driver Safety App and cannot see your DrivePoints, it could be your permissions are switched off in your mobile phone. If this is the case, please go to Settings in your phone and allow the location and movement permissions or we can’t sample your driving to score your DrivePoints.

If you have recently deleted the Driver Safety App or haven’t yet loaded the app onto a new phone, please so a new link can be sent to you via SMS to download the app.