Product Development and Sales

Our Commitment

Carpeesh and our underwriter RACQ are committed to selling products and services to customers that will support them in meeting their financial, economic and social needs. We use a thorough process to assess product development, performance and suitability.

What is product development?

Product development is the structured process at Carpeesh and RACQ to develop, monitor and review all our products. We use this process to ensure our products meet the standards that are expected by our customers, regulators and industry bodies.

How do we assess product performance?

Our products regularly undergo monitoring activities to include the review of customer feedback, sales and claims performance and any potential changes to products that will improve value for policyholders.

How do we assess product suitability?

Carpeesh and RACQ have defined who our products are designed for and the appropriate way to sell to this target market. These Target Market Determinations are available on this website.

How do we sell our products?

We sell our products via a number of channels, including:

  • Carpeesh contact centres
  • Carpeesh website by visiting
  • Comparison sites and insurance brokers.

Our sales representatives have all been trained to understand who our products are designed for and the most appropriate way to sell them.

Our Target Market Determination also includes information on the selling conditions of our products. You can view the Target Market Determination here.


We continuously monitor our sales practices including the review of customer feedback. In addition, we review systems, processes and training to ensure the right information and questions are being shared with our customers.

Who can I contact for further information?

Please contact us on 1300 101 311 if you require further information.